The court of appeal rejected the claim Energoatom to GFS

Апелляционный суд отклонил иск Энергоатома к ГФС

The decision of the District administrative court upheld.

Kyiv appeal administrative court left without satisfaction the appeal of the NAEK Energoatom and without changes resolution of District administrative court of 13 October 2016 on refusal in cancellation of tax notifications-decisions on the profit tax in the amount of 1 billion 537,7 million. About it reports the UNIAN.

In the result, Energoatom must pay not only the 1 billion 537,7 million UAH of undue income tax, but also about 500 million UAH of penalties that will be accrued from the time the tax notification-decision.

The company has a deficit rate for electricity, which is now a 51.02 kopecks. for 1 kWh (from 1 January 2017 tariff of “Energoatom” will be reduced to 46.64 cents for 1 kWh) and the debt of SE Energorynok for nuclear power plants produced electricity in the amount of 12.3 billion UAH.

The combination of these factors threatens the stable operation of Ukrainian NPPs in the period of their maximum load during the heating season.

In the summer the first Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of economic development and trade of Ukraine Stepan Kubiv said that the state-owned enterprises – the source of corruption and loss. According to him, during 2014 17 of the largest enterprises showed 7.5 billion UAH of loss.

At the beginning of 2017 in Ukraine is expected a surplus of electricity