The court ordered the PGO to investigate violations during the search of lawyers of Kyiv

Суд обязал ГПУ расследовать нарушения при обыске адвокатов Киевщины

The Pechersky court upheld the complaint of NAAU

The actions of security forces discovered evidence of a crime.

The Pechersky court of Kiev the statement of the National Association of advocates of Ukraine (NAAU) has ordered the Prosecutor General to initiate criminal proceedings against its employees for violation of the rights of the lawyer. This was reported on the site of NAAU.

“Satisfied the complaint of the representative of the National bar Association of Ukraine regarding the inactivity of the public Prosecutor filed in the interests of lawyers to protect their professional rights and guarantees of advocate’s activity”, – stated in the message.

The investigative judge in its ruling ordered the GPU to bring in the Unified register of pre-judicial investigations information about the criminal offense on the basis of statements of NAAU dated 31 January 2017 in accordance with article 214 of the CPC of Ukraine.

“In the submitted statement, the Association listed a number of facts and evidence of the intentional Commission of some officials of the PGO and SBU illegal actions that took place 28 December 2016 during the raids on business premises and a household of two lawyers on the territory of Kyiv region”, – noted in NAAU.

It is noted that in actions of employees of GPU and SBU contains signs of a crime under article 162, 365, 366, 397, 399 of the criminal code.

In turn, the former Deputy Prosecutor General Renat Kuzmin said that we are talking about the case, which “at the command of the attorney General Lutsenko falsifiziert Prosecutor Homik and the investigator Basyuk”.

In Kuzmin’s words, they “conned the judge, got a search warrant and spent it, clearly exceeding their authority and violating the rights and guarantees of advocacy, provided by the Constitution and laws of Ukraine.”

Kuzmin argues that his statement on the criminal cases on these facts were ignored by the GPU. In the end, NAAU was forced to sue.

As reported Корреспондент.netpreviously Renat Kuzmin has denied the information that, when searching him allegedly found the Golden shovel.