The court overturned a ban on the export of items from the Crimea

 Суд отменил запрет на вывоз вещей из Крыма

The court removed restrictions on the export of items from the Crimea

Paragraph repealed government regulations prohibiting the transportation of goods to the mainland of Ukraine from the Crimea, and Vice versa.

Appeal administrative court of Kiev cancelled the decision of the government dated 16 December 2015, who were forbidden to transport goods to mainland Ukraine from Crimea, and Vice versa.

This is stated on the page public reception of the Ukrainian Helsinki Union on human rights on the issues of Crimea in Facebook.

It is reported that the first paragraph of this resolution banned for the period of the occupation of the Peninsula the supply of goods from Crimea to another territory of Ukraine and/or other territory of Ukraine in the Crimea.

With the exceptions of personal belongings of citizens, transported in hand Luggage or accompanied baggage, as well as socially important food products costing up to 10 thousand hryvnia, and a maximum weight of 50 pounds per person.

At the same time, it is noted that the Cabinet may adopt a new resolution different content, but similar in essence.

“The adoption of such decisions by the Executive authorities will become bold and blatant violation of the Constitution of Ukraine, human rights and the flagrant disregard of the decisions of the judiciary, civil society perspectives and the human rights community,” – said in the message.

Recall that according to the Russian customs, the border between Crimea and mainland Ukraine last year crossed three million people.

Russia has also stated that in November the Crimea was returned to Ukraine more than a thousand tons of products.