The court refused to transfer the media holding UMH the national Agency for recovery of assets

Суд отказался передавать медиахолдинг UMH Нацагентству по возврату активов

The court refused to transfer the media holding UMH the national Agency for recovery of assets

The court pointed out that securities and intellectual property rights are not material evidence in criminal proceedings.

The property of the media holding UMH group will not be transferred to the National Agency for the identification, investigation and management of corruption-related assets. The corresponding decision was made by the Pechersk district court of Kiev. On Monday, January 22, reports LB.

Seizure of assets was imposed in the criminal proceedings against the owner of “Eastern European fuel and energy company” (VETEK) of Serhiy Kurchenko.

Reportedly all arrested, real estate, movable property, securities, corporate law and intellectual property rights of the company recognized by the state office of public Prosecutor with evidence in criminal proceedings.

Prosecutors said that the transfer of the assets of the holding company in the management of the national Agency of Ukraine is an objective necessity to exclude the possibility the suspect to continue to receive illegal income and wealth.

The court rejected the Prosecutor General’s office, noting that the Prosecutor did not submit evidence which confirms that the value of seized property is more than 200 living wage (about 350 thousand), as no evidence of treatment to the owner of said property, receipt of the consent to the transfer of national Agency.

In addition, the court noted that the securities, corporate law and intellectual property rights do not fall under the definition of material evidence in criminal proceedings, as are not material objects that can store traces of the crimes.

Recall that in December last year, the Pechersk court arrested the property, shares and corporate rights of a number of companies of the media holding UMH group. In particular, the court arrested the corporate rights of the Ukrainian media group, LTD TRK Kiev Vedomosti, OOO Radio Dovira, LTD Kulkarni channel, LLC bigmir Internet, LTD bigmir Online LLC news Ukraine, subsidiaries Lounge FM”, LLC Correspondent. Also arrested shares of PJSC Nashe Radio, CHAO KP in Ukraine, PJSC KP Media.

Earlier it was reported that Sergey Kurchenko filed a lawsuit to Yury Lutsenko for libel.