The court reinstated the chief storage Arsenal in Balakleya

Суд восстановил в должности начальника хранения арсенала в Балаклее

Sergey Kravchenko, be paid the salary with bonuses and allowances during his suspension from service.

Kharkiv appeal administrative court upheld the trial court’s decision about reinstatement of the chief storage 65 th Arsenal (in/h А1352) in Balakleya Sergei Kravchenko.

It is reported ЛИГА.net with reference to the decision of the court on Tuesday, October 9.

“The decision of the Kharkiv district administrative court from March 1, 2018, case No. 820/2771/17 to leave unchanged”, – stated in the message.

In addition, Kravchenko will be paid salary with bonuses and allowances during his suspension from service.

The decree comes into force from the moment of adoption (September 24) and could be appealed in cassation procedure within 30 days from the date of the full court decision.

We will remind, on 23 March 2017 at the Arsenal in Balakleya there was a fire followed by explosions. More than 30 thousand inhabitants of the city and nearby villages were evacuated. Two people were killed and five were wounded. Were destroyed and damaged hundreds of houses.

Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak said that the results of the incident in Balakliya to a disciplinary responsibility brought 80 people.

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