The court returned to property of Kiev of 75 hectares of land landscape reserve “Zhukov island”

Суд вернул в собственность Киева 75 га земли ландшафтного заказника "Жуков остров"

The economic court of Kiev returned to the city of 75 hectares of land landscape reserve “Zhukov island.” About this in Facebook wrote to the Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko.

“The decision of the economic court of Kyiv returned to the municipal property of 75 hectares of land, located in goloseyevsky district of the capital on the territory of the landscape reserve of local importance “Zhukov Island”, which is in gross violation of the requirements of the current legislation was passed in 2007, the so-called service cooperative “Cotest””, – he wrote.

PL to him, the case was considered by courts repeatedly.

“The last decision of economic court of Kiev from December 15, 2016, confirmed the legality of the Prosecutor’s requirements, invalidated the decision of Kiev city Council, the state acts on the ground and the absence of a specified co-operative and the subsequent owners of right of ownership of the land,” he said.

Lutsenko added that the prosecutors working on the criminal liability of the involved officers.

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Last year the court has satisfied the claim of capital Prosecutor’s office demanding the return of the property of the community almost 16 hectares of land belonging to protected areas “Zhukov island.”