The court was unable to render a decision in the case of Suprun

Суд не смог огласить решение по делу Супрун

The court could not make a decision in the case of Suprun

The announcement of the decision due to the large number of documents was postponed to the next day.

The district administrative court of Kyiv has postponed the announcement of the decision on the application for the lifting of the ban Ulyana Suprun to perform the duties of the Minister of health. On Monday, February 11, reports

Judge Karakashian closed the meeting and announced that due to the large volume of materials of the case the decision on the application will be announced tomorrow.

The meeting was attended by Deputy Suprun, as well as the Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian and Minister of justice Pavel Petrenko.

Come and MP Igor Mosiychuk, sued the suspension Suprun from the duties of a Minister.

During the meeting, the lawyer acting Minister emphasized that the plaintiff did not prove dual citizenship Suprun, instead of presenting evidence, screenshots of websites, where it says that Suprun, allegedly failed a second passport. However, dual citizenship in any case is not grounds for dismissal of the acting Minister, because it is not covered by the law on civil service.

In turn, he asked court to refuse satisfaction of the petition of the Ministry of justice and stated that he would provide proof of dual citizenship Suprun “next meetings”, and also added that she used the passport of another country while travelling abroad.

After the meeting, Suprun spoke to the press a statement. She noted that currently the work of the Ministry of health blocked. According to her, there are a number of urgent documents, including sending seriously ill patients for treatment abroad, which no one may sign.

Declare V. O. mnestra receptionists health protection Dr @usuprun after the meeting was administrativnogo District court m. of Kyiv #pdemauro #news #Ukraine

— Ministerstva receptionists health protection of Ukraine (@MoH_Ukraine) 11 Feb 2019.

As reported, on February 5, the district administrative court of Kiev made the decision on a temporary ban Suprun to exercise the powers of the Minister of health in connection with the presence of her foreign citizenship and deadlines for term of office of a person without Ukrainian citizenship.


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