The court will interrogate the Shulyak in the case of the Euromaidan – online-stream

Суд допросит Шуляка по делу Евромайдана, – онлайн-трансляция

Svyatoshinsky district court of Kyiv on December 2 will hold a videoconference questioning of former commander of the internal troops of the Ministry of internal Affairs Stanislav Shulyak. The interrogation in the case of the Euromaidan scheduled for 13:00 Moscow time (14:00 on Moscow). The decision was announced after a break in court session on November 28.

Shulyak supposed to be investigating on Monday after former President Viktor Yanukovych. However, since the interrogation Yanukovych lasted about 7 hours, the Ukrainian side asked to postpone the interrogation of the Shulyak, arguing that it has a lot of questions. Shulyak will be questioned as a witness in the case of the shooting of activists of Maidan, is accused ex-“berkutovets”.

The Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine expects that the interrogation by videoconference Shulyak will take place. This opinion is shared by the lawyer of ex-“berkutovets” Igor Varfolomeev. “Any reason to believe that there will be a stall meeting I have. My clients will be delivered from prison,” – said the lawyer.

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At the same time, one of the lawyers for the families, “Heavenly Hundreds” Vitaly Tytych believes that the interrogation of the ex-commander of internal troops of the Ministry of internal Affairs Stanislav Shulyak organized with violations and could have negative consequences for business in the future. Cytyc also noted the one-sided attitude of the court in relation to questioning in the case of ex-“berkutovets” the ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych in the videoconference, which took place on 28 November.

Recall the interrogation by videoconference with former President Viktor Yanukovych was scheduled for November 25. However, questioning Yanukovych then failed, as the representatives of “Right sector” blocked the exit from detention the five suspects – ex-“Berkut officers” at the meeting of Svyatoshinsky court. Then the Ukrainian and Russian sides agreed to postpone the meeting for Monday, November 28. It was planned that this day will be questioned Yanukovych and Shulyak, however, the ex-President was questioned for over 7 hours, and by Shulyak was a lot of questions – because the interrogation of the ex-commander of internal troops of the interior Ministry was postponed. On the same day for the trial arrived the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko. In the Svyatoshinsky court the public Prosecutor has read Viktor Yanukovych notice of suspicion of treason. The Prosecutor General’s office also does not exclude the announcement of the suspicion of treason ex-Premier Mykola Azarov.

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