The court will not turn to Russia in the case of Yanukovych

Суд не будет обращаться к РФ по делу Януковича

The ex-President doesn’t want to come to Ukraine

The judges decided not to ask for help the aggressor state.

Ukraine will turn to Russia with a request to facilitate the remote participation of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych in a court session accused him of treason.

This was stated by the Prosecutor Ruslan Kravchenko to the journalists on Monday at the end of the trial.

“The court has decided that it is impossible to send an international request for international legal assistance to the country, which leads a war of aggression against our country,” – said Kravchenko.

He stressed that Yanukovych is accused of those crimes where “he is an accomplice of the Russian Federation, representatives of the Russian authorities in the implementation of an aggressive war against our country.”

Earlier, the court postponed the case Yanukovych until 29 June. Meeting of June 26, lasted only 35 minutes.

The Prosecutor’s office asked the court to grant the petition for in absentia proceedings.

Lawyer Yanukovych Vitaliy Serdyuk before the meeting said that the defence will insist that the ex-President had the opportunity to come out and give explanations on the merits under international law.

Earlier it was reported that the court called Yanukovych to the next 10 meetings.

The Prosecutor’s office promised Viktor Yanukovych, complete security and round the clock security when returning to Ukraine.

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