The courts are delaying the cases of “dictatorial laws”, – Gorbatyuk

Cуды затягивают рассмотрение дел о "диктаторских законах", - Горбатюк

Head of the Department of special investigations of the GPU Sergey Gorbatyuk

Criminal proceedings against ex-the Chairman of fraction of Party of regions in Verkhovna Rada Alexander Efremov, and two members on the adoption of “dictatorial laws” 16 of January 2014 is not considered by the court on the merits. In an interview with “Ukrainian truth” said the head of the Department of special investigations of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine (GPU) Sergey Gorbatyuk.

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According to him, production was transferred to the court in September 2015, but so far not held any meeting in fact.

In addition, horbatiuk said, the courts are sabotaging the consideration of several other matters, including in relation to crimes against activists Euromaidan.

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In particular, from January 2015, the court does not consider the case against Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Serhiy Lekar, who is accused of initiating the adoption of the Cabinet resolutions, “which were illegally taken into service police non-lethal weapons enhanced action – grenades from Russia, who have not passed the required examination, Ministry of health, and spending on these non-lethal weapons 1,2 million UAH”.

“The same situation in the case of the former head of the Kiev gorgosadministration Alexander Popov, which went to trial in February 2015. Two months later, four commanders of “Berkut” in the events of November 30. Been a year and nine months, but no hurry to appoint meetings and to hear the case,” – said Gorbatyuk.

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He said that the Prosecutor’s office filed the petition for attraction to administrative responsibility of judges, in the actions which are evidence of violations.

“The petitions we sent in respect of two judges in April 2015. Still they are not considered”, – concluded the head of the Department.