The courts began to be fined for Lithuania numbers – media

Суды начали штрафовать за литовские номера - СМИ

For Lithuanian rooms began to be fined

The fines are significant – several hundred thousand.

In the courts of Kiev and Odessa are already there the decision on imposing fines on the owners of uncleared cars on foreign registration for violation of customs regulations, according to the center.

In particular, the Kyiv administrative court of appeals sided with the State fiscal service and decided to collect from the owner of Mercedes-Benz E320 Lithuanian rooms and a fine of 300% of the unpaid customs payments – 1 681 846 USD. Mercedes on foreign registration belonged to a resident of Cherkasy.

On 22 December last year, the GFS gave him a penalty for violation of customs regulations. He was able to appeal the decision to the court of first instance, but now an appeals court sided with the sneaks. The owner of the Mercedes still has a chance on appeal.

In addition, a similar decision of the Kyiv appeal administrative court ruled against the owner of the Audi A4 in the Polish room. The penalty in this case was 443 000.

Before it was already made a few of these court decisions. For example, the inhabitant of Odessa, the court fined 618 000, but he could challenge the penalty.

Recall that according to the State fiscal service, in 2014 Ukraine imported 490,7 thousand cars with foreign registration.