The court’s decision in ОРАL hit by Nord Stream-2 – media

Решение суда по ОРАL ударит по Nord Stream-2 - СМИ

The court’s decision in ОРАL may significantly limit the utilization of the Nord stream-2, analysts say.

Russia will not be able to load Nord stream-2 at full capacity because of the decision of the court of the EU on gas pipeline ОРАL, writes Kommersant on Wednesday, September 11.

Before the European court at the suit of Poland reversed the decision of the European Commission from 2013, according to which Gazprom had access to 90% of the capacity of the pipeline ОРАL.

The publication notes that the European court can be hit hard by Nord stream-2, which Russia hopes to launch in late 2019. Now Moscow will be difficult to reconcile with the European Commission an acceptable mode of use of the new pipeline. Half of its capacity may not be available for Gazprom because of the amendments to the gas Directive. Poland, Recalling the decision of the court will probably argue that the new pipeline could also cause damage. “This decision leaves little chance for Northern stream-2 to the exception,” said Maria Belova from Vygon Consulting.

The publication notes that the decision on ОРАL was unexpected, because in the beginning of 2018, the court rejected the claim of the Polish state-owned PGNiG. It was also based on the assumption that full access to ОРАL Gazprom may reduce gas transit through Poland, as the Russian side just toggles the volume on the Nord stream.

According to Belova, the European court looks politically engaged, as there was a week before the tripartite consultations on gas transit between Russia, Ukraine and EU scheduled for September 19. The court’s decision, the analyst believes an attempt to put pressure on Moscow to force it to enter into long-term transit contract with Ukraine.

In Poland believe that the court’s decision on the OPAL should increase the pumping of gas through Ukraine by 12.5 billion cubic meters.


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