The coverage of the network’s T2 95% – UCRF finished measurements in Volyn region

Покрытие телесети Т2 более 95% - УГЦР закончил измерения в Волынской области

During three summer months the State enterprise “Ukrainian centre of radio frequencies” (UCRF) in Volyn region have been measured coverage area of digital television.

These measurements UCRF conducted according to the official order of television channels 1+1 and inter, and also on behalf of the First Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine – Minister of economic development and trade S. I. Kubiv.

UCRF in early September sent the results of the measurements channels-customers, but they still didn’t publish.

We were able to, not without problems, the measurement results are solely due to the requirements of the Law of Ukraine “On Metrology and metrological activity”. Centre of radio frequencies was obliged to provide their company “ZEONBUD”, as the operator of the digital network.

After analyzing the obtained results, it became clear why the TV channels 1+1 and inter block publication of the results of the measurements, because the measurement UCRF clearly showed that 95% of the population of Volyn region has the possibility to access the digital network T2. And this at a time when the technical services of these channels and a number of “independent” experts have repeatedly stated that from the point of view of digital TV in Volyn oblast is one of the most problematic in Ukraine.

This measurement result is considered to be extremely positive for digital network T2, because the measurements were carried out in the presence of interference from existing transmitters, analog TV, and specialists of the UCRF repeatedly made statements at the workshops that after switch-off of analogue television coverage the digital network will improve another 20%.

You must take into account the fact that the instrumentation Centre of radio frequencies were indicators of 4-6 dB worse than that specified in the Method “Determination of network coverage of digital terrestrial television broadcasting standard DVB-T2”, which is equivalent to reducing power of transmitters to 4 times. That is, the actual coverage is even much better.

Thus, the UCRF conducted measurements finally confirmed that OOO “ZEONBUD” declares 2011 – T2 digital network is the largest terrestrial television network in the country and its coverage is more than 95% of the population of Ukraine.

The press service of LLC “ZEONBUD”