The crash of the su-27: the four versions of the disaster

Крушение Су-27: названы четыре версии катастрофы

Fighter su-27 crashed on 16 October in Vinnytsia region

The military Prosecutor’s office fulfils four main versions of the causes of the crash of the su-27 in Vinnytsia region.
The investigation is considering four versions of the fall of the su-27 in Vinnytsia region. This was stated by the chief military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios, the TV channel 112 Ukraine on Friday, October 19.

“They are looking at four main versions – the human factor during the flight, technical failure of the aircraft, it is possible to refuel aircraft with poor fuel or weather conditions that caused the disaster,” he said.

Matios noted that in July, the fighter has passed a complete overhaul and modernization. Its service life was extended to 12 years, while a plaque with the date of repair before the crash was about 20 hours.

The chief military Prosecutor ruled out a malfunction of the aircraft as the cause of the crash and reported that currently, one of the factories of the Ministry of defence experts restore the black box to retrieve information, which will help determine the circumstances and causes of falls.

Also, police interviewed all the witnesses to the incident, the responsible team of technicians, all who accompanied the flight, got a printout of the recent negotiations, examined the place of the event.

Recall, the su-27UB crashed on 16 October near the city of Berdichev. According to witnesses, the plane began to lose altitude, and the pilots diverted it from the houses. The disaster killed Ukrainian Colonel Ivan Petrenko and the American Colonel Seth Nehring.

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