The crash of the Tu-154 to Sochi: All the details and versions

Крушение Ту-154 в Сочи: Все подробности и версии

The Tu-154 Russian defense Ministry on their way to Syria, fell into the Black sea yesterday, December 25. On Board were 92 people, none of them survived. We have collected all that is known about the crash at the moment.

A two-minute flight

The Board of the Russian defense Ministry on their way to a Syrian airbase in Hamima, disappeared from radar on December 25, around 5 am in Kiev. Tu-154 took off from the airfield near Moscow Chkalovsky about 1:30 Moscow time (00:30 across Kiev). First refueling was planned in Mozdok, but due to weather conditions it was transferred to Adler, and that the aircraft will refuel at a different location, no one did not know in advance. After refueling at 5:20 the Board requested permission for the flight, after 4 minutes, took off and 2 minutes later disappeared from radar. On Board were 92 people: 84 passengers and 8 crew members.

Крушение Ту-154 в Сочи: Все подробности и версии

The Tu-154

Among the passengers was the 64 employee of the Alexandrov ensemble and the chief conductor Valery Khalilov, head of the Department of culture of the Ministry of defense Anton Gubankov. In addition, the lists were Elizabeth Glinka, known in Russia as the doctor Lisa. She was a member of the Council under RF President on development of civil society and human rights.

On Board were nine participants: three members of the “First channel” — correspondent Dmitry Rankov, operator Dmitry Denisov and sound engineer Alexander Saidov, the correspondent channel “Star” Pavel Obukhov, operator Alexander Surinov and assistant operator Valery Rzhevsky. Also in Syria flew the crew of “NTV”: reporter Michael Luzhetsky, the operator Oleg Pestov and soundman Evgeny Tolstov.

In 8 hours it became known that the wreckage was discovered in the Black sea. Source TASS reported that the plane crashed six kilometres from the runway of the airport of Adler, in the Black sea, and its fragments could carry in the direction of Abkhazia.

The investigation of the criminal case about the plane crash on behalf of the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin was transferred to the Central office of the UK. A criminal case under article 351 of the criminal code (violation of flight rules, which entailed grave consequences).

Крушение Ту-154 в Сочи: Все подробности и версии

Operation in the Black sea to find the wreckage of the Tu-154

For the first day of work was discovered 11 bodies 154 and the fragment of plane, in plane crash no survivors. Moscow has already delivered ten of the bodies. The black boxes has not yet been found, they are not equipped with beacons, so look for them to be on the bottom.

Now a search operation is carried out 3.5 thousand people and 200 pieces of equipment. In Russia today day of mourning.

The causes of the disaster

“We believe that the causes of the disaster could be either maintenance, or pilot error, but I would emphasize that it establishes a consequence as well as a special technical Commission of the Ministry of defence,” – said the Minister of transport of Russia Maxim Sokolov.

The aircraft during the operation went through three major repairs. It was released on 29 March 1983 at the Kuibyshev aviation plant (now the aircraft factory “Aviacor”). Last, the third overhaul of the Board was held in December 2014.

“The plane was technically serviceable. Extreme maintenance work was carried out in September 2016,” – said the head of security service of flights of Armed forces of the Russian Federation Sergey Bainetov.

This model of the Tu-154 was discontinued in 2013, and the reviews about it are ambiguous: on the one hand, the aircraft is considered to be one of the most reliable, on the other – outdated.

Крушение Ту-154 в Сочи: Все подробности и версии

Operation in the Black sea to find the wreckage of the Tu-154

According to the snapshot data of the airport, weather conditions at the time of departure of the aircraft of the defense Ministry were normal. The commander of the crew, military pilot first class the major novel of the wolves repeatedly performed the flights on a given route flown and 3.5 thousand hours. The aircraft was not overloaded.

Among the versions considered and the collision with the birds, however, comment on Aviaexport, in this case, the crew could report the incident to the dispatcher, and the destruction would not be so catastrophic.

Terrorist attack not considered as the main version of the catastrophe, but aviaekspert Vadim Lukashevich believes that this version discard is not worth it. According to him, the spread of the wreckage on such a large area suggests that the plane has collapsed in air, and the reason for this must be sought from the outside. In his opinion, the attack could be made “radical wing of the Muslim world” in retaliation for the military operation of Russia in Syria.

The ex-Minister of defense of Ukraine Yevhen Marchuk suggests that if contact with the crew disappeared simultaneously with the disappearance of the plane from radar, it may mean that the entire crew was killed immediately and instantly. This could happen in case of an explosion or sudden depressurization. However, as noted by the sources of “Kommersant” in the power structures, an explosion on Board would record the neighbouring country that also watched the flight, but no reports of the attack were reported.

In the Network appeared the video captured by a surveillance camera during the crash of Tu-154. In the time before the catastrophe in the sky appeared a bright light. However, at the headquarters of the Ministry of defense believe that video was made after the plane crash and has to the catastrophe is irrelevant.

Marchuk suggests that Russian experts relatively quickly learn the true cause of this disaster, but a full investigation will be completed soon.


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  1. More likely, the reason or motive could be similar to the one that drove an Islamist in Turkey to shoot at Russian Ambassador Karlov. I studied the list of people on board and found that at least 7 of them were Moslem Tartars, Bashkirs and people from the autonomous regions of Russia’s Caucasus – five men and two women. One of them could easily be recruited by ISIS or other Islamist organization and used as a suicide bomber. This mole could bring a bomb on board and (s)he was not searched because was trusted as a member of the team. Surely this could be another act of vengeance for what Russia does in Syria, but I do not think God can bless any murder.
    One more plausible version is overloading with all kind of equipment and humanitarian cargoes, which made it difficult for the pilots to stabilize the tilting plane after a U-turn over the Black Sea in pitch darkness.

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