The crime rate in Ukraine is higher than in the 1990s – organized crime control Department

Преступность в Украине выше, чем в 1990-х – УБОП

Criminals prefer to robbery

In OCD claim that crime has ceased to be “gourmet”. Criminals have become more primitive and prefer to engage in banditry.

The crime rate in Ukraine has slipped to the level of banditry, but to deal with it anyway no one. About this on air of one of Ukrainian radio stations said the head of Department of criminal intelligence of the Department Valery Chickens, reports UNN.

According to him, today the level of organized crime in the country “have risen so high that it exceeded 90”.

Also, the CSD noted that to cope with it no one, as real professionals in law enforcement have very little.

“They (the professionals — ed.) is very small and they barely cope. I think there is no one to do any reform there. There is no one to handle the fight against crime. And it is easier. To primitivism. Today is not classified it does not transform into a very refined and complex, it is simplified. Banditry. The easiest. There are two people have guns. All you can go to Rob anything. The population for twenty dollars. Or some Bank a thousand dollars,” he said.

We will remind, in Ukraine every day eliminate one criminal group.

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