The Croton for the first time in history made it to Serie a

Кротоне впервые в истории пробился в Серию А

Crotone was promoted to a Series A

From next season the Italian League will see many new faces at Crotone for the first time in the history of the volleyball elite.

In the match of the 39th round of the Serie B Crotone played out a draw with Modena and secured promotion.

Lead the team from the third place is 13 points with three rounds to go. Thus, the Croton will certainly take first or second place, which gives a direct ticket to Serie A.

Despite the fact that the team has a long 93-year history, peaking in the top flight Crotone will be the first time.

It is worth noting that last season the team was close to relegation in the Italian third division, and the best achievement in history was on the ninth place in Serie B.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that, in the championship match of Italy went 22 of a foreigner in the team.

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