The cryptocurrency Bitcoin has fallen by a quarter

Криптовалюта Bitcoin обвалились на четверть

After a record growth for two cryptocurrencies fell in value.

Established in the beginning of the week record the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Thursday, June 15 fell by 25%. Also, the price on a quarter and lost another cryptocurrency – Ethereum.

However, many traders could not trade due to the fact that major online cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase was out of reach, writes the edition Fortune.

About 10 o’clock Thursday morning the price of bitcoin fell to $2079. Thus, the drop from the beginning of the week when the price was around $3000, made up more than 30%, and in the last 24 hours – 19%.

At the same time, Ethereum, which this year showed a sharp increase of 40%, has dropped in price by 25% compared to its value the previous day. Ethereum price fell below $274, after just three days of its record at $400.

The Bitcoin exchange rate set a record, exceeding $2000