The current local elections will have big consequences in the future – expert

Текущие местные выборы будут иметь большие последствия в будущем - эксперт

The analyst commented on the first results of elections in territorial communities.

Director of the sociological service Ukrainian barometer Victor Nebozhenko at a press conference in Kyiv summed up the first results of elections in communities, which took place on 11 December.

“Would the Fatherland, and it turned out good – 123 elected legislators have the first place and it almost coincides with its sociological. Second place – “Our land” he has 86 deputies, the third Block of Petro Poroshenko “Solidarity”, 60 deputies,” he said.

The analyst added that “Fatherland” in this election once again demonstrated the presence of an extensive network of local party organizations.

“Party “Our land” received 86 deputies, provide structure. It is the formation of a new party structure that no one knows who will obey. In sociological terms, this suggests that they will take votes from the bloc of Petro Poroshenko”, – said Nebozhenko.

The analyst stressed that the local elections are likely to have big consequences in the future.

“This started a small process can have its great promise, and he will have. At least for the simple reason that the country ran out of money and soon they will not. Out – partly to keep the budget in local authorities. In those that are formed, elected under the new law,” he explained.

We will remind, last Sunday, local elections were held in 41 United local community. Next Sunday, December 18, elections will be held in 142.