The current Ukraine does not need science, ex-MP

At the current funding is only possible to stop the scientific program, but not even to dream of new discoveries, says Oleynik.

In the state budget for 2016 on science is scheduled only 0.2% of GDP, whereas, according to the law of Ukraine “On scientific and scientific-technical activity”, this figure must be 8.5 times more, said the politician Vladimir Oleynik.

According to him, the current funding can only stop the scientific program, and about new discoveries can not even dream of.

“Science of the Ukraine does not need cheap labor. Closed such enterprises as Turboatom, Antonov, Arsenal, Yuzhmash on the verge of stopping. Their production was based on the achievements of the Ukrainian science, the Foundation of which was laid decades ago,” – said the former MP.

“Kharkiv, Kyiv, Lviv and other major cities had their own achievements. We were the first nuclear reactors, advances in space Ukrainian rocket “Zenit” won in the space program “Sea launch”, now it’s all nobody needs,” – said Oleynik.

“We need to return to the country of scientists, to Fund research at the appropriate level from the budget. We need to go into joint business with the funding of scientific research. Today, the world interesting inventions, and our future is in decent education and scientific discoveries,” – said the politician.