The cyber-police warned of the dangerous virus

Malicious software provides access to computer resources of the victim. The virus is aimed primarily at private notaries.

Specialists of postal and telecommunications Tuesday, December 11, began to record in Ukraine, the spread of the virus, disguised as communications from government agencies. About it reports a press-service of the Channel.

It is noted that malicious software aimed at users of the MS Windows operating system and mainly on notaries.

“Experts from the postal and telecommunications 11 Dec started recording the facts of distribution of this malicious software. In General, it was aimed at users who are private notaries of Ukraine”, – said the press service.

The Agency added that for the transmission of malicious software, attackers used the postal services of Ukrainian companies and and the message of harmful applications received allegedly on behalf of Ukrainian state institutions, including courts of various instances.

To infect computers has used several types of software that have similar functionality. At the same time, different methods have been used for their dissemination (for example, users can archive the files externally looked like the file format .pdf).

The criminals even forged the contents of these files – on the surface they looked like a scanned document created on behalf of state agencies. In other cases, the contamination occurred using the format documents .docx with embedded malicious OLE object. After opening the document the user was running malicious software. Automatically was add entries to the registry operating system to startup.

“During the in-depth analysis of specialists of postal and telecommunications established: each time the malware was run from the folder of the system drive on the link: ProgramDataMicrotikwinserv.exe. Detected malicious software passed into a hidden connection standby mode and fully granted access to the computer resources of the victim”, – stated in soobshenii.

Киберполиция предупредила об опасном вирусе



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