The Danes found a previously unknown correspondence with Einstein

Датчане нашли неизвестную ранее переписку с Эйнштейном

Found a previously unknown letter from albert Einstein

Scientist about a hundred years ago, I participated in the correspondence with the Danish Astronomical society.

The representatives of the Danish Astronomical society have discovered in their archives a correspondence which is about a hundred years ago was carried out with albert Einstein. This writes Ritzau.

According to the Chairman of the organization Majken Braga Ellegaard Christensen, in itself, this discovery is exceptional.

“The first thing I thought [when I came across this correspondence], – how big of a discovery. This extraordinary event is to find a handwritten letter of Einstein” she said.

Christensen also noted that the paper of the letters Einstein’s badly yellowed and the text is presented by the handwriting inclination. However, she described the style as “extremely polite.”

In the correspondence we are talking mainly about the theory of relativity. In 1920, the former Chairman of the Astronomical society of Alice Stromgren invited Einstein to lecture about the General theory of relativity.

Датчане нашли неизвестную ранее переписку с Эйнштейном

Photo: Nate D. Sanders Auction House

Currently, we are working to find a way of digitizing the correspondence, to read it could anyone.

Earlier it was reported that a letter by albert Einstein on religion were sold at auction for $ 2.8 million.

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