The date of reopening of schools Mariupol is unknown, the Department of health

Дата возобновления работы школ Мариуполя точно неизвестна, - управление здравоохранения


The head of the health Department of the Mariupol city Council Olga Holubchenko said on the air “112 Ukraine” that the reopening of schools will be held next week. It depends on the situation with the number of patients. The situation will be monitored daily. The reason for closing schools was the growth in the number of patients doubled. Already 175 ill children.

“How the situation will develop, we will observe, monitor the situation every day. It is difficult to talk about the opening because only closed. While closed for the week. The incidence in children have increased two times, so decided to close on quarantine all schools.” – said Olga Holubchenko.

Recall that from 19 December, all schools of Mariupol are under quarantine. Also, in Zhitomir to 25 December because of the flu epidemic closed all 36 schools. In Kiev closed for quarantine 111 schools. In addition, in Dnipropetrovsk region was recorded a death from the flu, 60-year-old person, and in sums from Hipo killed two people.