The day embroidered 2018: events

День вышиванки 2018: афиша мероприятий

Thursday, may 17, in Ukraine celebrate Day of embroidery. The day embroidered 2018: where to go in Kiev and Ukraine, the most interesting events.

Vyshyvanka day in Ukraine is celebrated on the third Thursday of may. In this may 17, 2018. The essence of the holiday solely to make popular Ukrainian culture and traditions, one of the symbols of which is embroidery.

Even without participating in the events and not visiting them, many Ukrainians around the world put the day embroidered shirts for work, study, Hiking.

The day embroidered 2018 Ukraine will actively otmechat in Kiev, Lviv, Kharkov, Dnepr, Odessa, Zaporozhye, Mariupol and other cities.

Poster Day embroidered in Kiev

Traditionally, babies born on this day, dressed in embroidered shirts. However, to see a flash mob, only employees and visitors of hospitals in more than 40 settlements, and parents of infants.

День вышиванки 2018: афиша мероприятий

Baby embroidery (photo: EPA)

This year the event was also joined by Canada, Turkey, Croatia and Australia. While in Thailand on Chinese new year babies dressed in costumes dogs

At the National Philharmonic of Ukraine on 17 may at 19:00 Day embroidered scheduled concert of the National academic brass band of Ukraine “Dumy Moi, Dumy”.

In the art square. Vassil slipage of the hem will show a feature-length documentary about the embroidery. The screening of the film “Legacy of a nation” will be held under the open sky at 21:00.

Oddly enough, the March in embroidered shirts ejegodno is n ena Day shirts, and on the Day of Kiev. But in 2018, this day coincided with the Champions League final, which will take place in Kiev. So megamarch of embroidery will be moved closer to the vyshyvanka Day, but scheduled it for the weekend – Saturday, may 19.

День вышиванки 2018: афиша мероприятий

Megamarch of embroidery in Kiev in 2017 (photo: EPA)

Everyone will gather near the Golden Gate and go convoy at 14:00 Kyiv time. There is only one restriction – all must be embroidered clothing.

The day embroidered 2018 in Ukraine

In Zaporozhye for the Day shirts will hold a massive March. The procession will start at 18:00 and starts near Zaporizhia city Council. On March vyshivanok destroys the Heroes square Maidan.

In the river are preparing to celebrate the Day embroidered with a record of Ukraine. Local artists create for the holiday a huge embroidery that will present on may 17 at the viewing platform in the Park. T. Shevchenko. At 14:00.

День вышиванки 2018: афиша мероприятий

Record embroidery in the river (photo:

Also in the city centre there will be a dance and music concert. A special feature of the festival will be a Zumba dance embroidered. Next will take place the exhibition-fair with handmade products, contests and photozone. The action will take place on the Maidan Heroes square with the start at 17:00.

In Kharkov will also host a March of embroidered shirts. Here, everyone will gather in the Square and 16:00рушат to the monument of Taras Shevchenko. The March is to end near the Theatre of Opera and ballet. Here participants will see a gala concert.

For those who can’t walk in embroidery day, planned another evening March. He will gather at Freedom Square and at 19:00 starts from Maidan Svobody to the Square of the Constitution. Participants at 17:30.

Not going to lag behind other cities and Odessa. But here the celebration was moved to the weekend. On Saturday, may 19, will be held all-Ukrainian action “Megamarch in vyshyvankas”.

Fees start at 13:00 Colo “Passage” hotel on Deribasovskaya street. The procession begins with a moment of silence, then the column breaks down in Shevchenko Park, in which up to 20:00 a concert will be organized.

День вышиванки 2018: афиша мероприятий

March vyshivanok 2018 in Odessa (photo

The first part of the festival embroidered in Lviv has already passed. Thursday, may 17, the city will host a continuation of the holiday.

Near the Opera house organizes an exhibition about the traditions and history of embroidery. Here is a fair, where you can buy embroidered shirt.

День вышиванки 2018: афиша мероприятий

Festival embroidered 2018 in Lviv (photo:

Will also include a Patriotic concert from the fighters ATO, which will perform Natalka Karpa and other stars.

In Mariupol will begin to gather for the March in embroidered shirts at 16:30 around the underpass next to the City garden. Then the convoy at 17:00 will proceed on Metallurgov Avenue to garden City. There participants will have to wait

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