The day of the Armed forces of Ukraine to 2018: history, congratulations

День Вооруженных сил Украины 2018: история, поздравления

6 December Ukraine celebrates the Day of defender of Ukraine

National holiday all military personnel officially celebrated since 1993. In this day, we congratulate all who served in the Ukrainian army.

In Ukraine on December 6 to celebrate the Armed forces Day. The occasion is the state, but the output on this day is not.

A day dedicated to all types of troops of the Ukrainian army. The holiday is celebrated on the date of adoption of the law of Ukraine “On the Armed forces of Ukraine”. Although the celebration appeared in the calendar two years later.

The story of the Day of Armed forces of Ukraine

The day of the Armed forces of Ukraine came to replace Soviet defender of the Fatherland Day. Ukrainian festival began to celebrate December 6 in 1993. The day was established by the decree of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

Date 6 Dec chosen because two years earlier, this day was adopted the Law of Ukraine “On the Armed forces of Ukraine”. Unofficially, the Day of defender of Ukraine started to celebrate at the same time in 1991.

The festival is common to all types of troops in the country. The APU is composed of land, air and naval forces. Also in the Armed forces there are internal forces, border officials and operational-rescue service of civil protection of the State service of Ukraine for emergency situations.

Congratulations to the Day of defender

Servicemen of Ukraine on December 6 congratulations to the President and senior officials. The output on this day, no, but in the country hold various events to demonstrate respect for the defenders of his native country.

It is customary to congratulate the family members and friends who serve or have served in the Ukrainian army. To congratulate your relatives, you can use themed poems or prose.

6 grudnia on Poros
Privman vzhe in road safety,
Pomagati, I want
Happiness, the world of good!
Service dwellers easy Bula,
without wine, naprugi, evil,
Mi pismo You
Ukrainskimi the Sina-
VI – TSE prowess that Vdara,
An Automated Workplace . . Ukrainski Glory!

Ukrainian arm,
We praise you today,
Health I days bushmarina
The zahisnikov bajao!
Masculine strong men,
You are a bulwark of the whole country.
No important stars and ranks
You have only to prevent the war.
Be you are always healthy,
Be strong in body and soul,
And let in life only one shackles
Be a light in the window of a large family.
Let Ukraine is proud of his army,
We are proud we are for all his eagles,
And let the glory of the Zaporozhye Cossacks
Reborn prowess of the country’s sons.

Wish you want tasks on the shoulder,
On the shoulder – any order that you hit the nail on the head!
To to star star on the shoulder straps without difficulty,
And that service is like clockwork, and that grief is not a problem!
To form like a glove, so went to the victories, shining,
To serve the rank by rank, to from a boy into a man!
To black forever life removed the strip!
Greetings sends you, APU!

Today congratulations to all servicemen of Ukraine. You are our defenders, the support of the state. The peace of our homes, the peace of mind of loved ones in your capable, strong hands. Please accept the greetings with best wishes: good, bright mood, professional success!

Courage, honor, strength and courage — only the best of the best took the oath in the Armed forces of Ukraine. Are you ready to come to the defense of their homeland without losing a single minute. In holiday, we wish you a restful peaceful sky over your head, a happy personal life and a well-deserved promotion.

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