The day OOS: four dead, three wounded

Сутки в ООС: четверо погибших, трое раненых

In the Donbas killed four soldiers

As a result of attacks, two Ukrainian soldiers were killed and three others injured. Two more got fatally wounded as a result of blasting on a mine-explosive device.

In past days the separatists 28 times opened fire on positions of Armed forces of Ukraine, four Ukrainian servicemen were killed and three others injured, said Thursday, October 11, the press center of the headquarters of the OOS.

“As a result of the shelling, two soldiers of combined forces was killed and three others injured. Two soldiers were fatally injured as a result of blasting on a mine-explosive device”, – stated in the message.

It is noted that the opponent 12 times used weapons banned by the Minsk agreements. The separatists were aimed fire from mortars of caliber of 120 mm and 82 mm, anti-tank missiles, weapons of infantry fighting vehicles, anti-aircraft installations ZU-23-2, grenade launchers of various systems, heavy machine guns and small arms. Also, accurate fire drove the enemy sniper.

Under enemy fire were positions of the joint forces near the settlements krymske, Novotoshkivske, Golden, steppe, Trinity, Novoluganskoe, Travneve, Zaitsev, Avdeevka, Krasnogorovka, Marinka, novomykhailivka, Starohnativka, Pavlopil, Hnutove, Lebedinskoye and Shirokino.

The position of the United forces in the area of krymske, Novotoshkivske, Travneve Novoluganskogo and Krasnogorovka occupants fired from mortars of a calibre of 120 mm mortars 82-caliber pistol were fired at the strongholds of Ukrainian troops near krymske, Novotoshkivske, Novoluganskogo, Avdeevka, Krasnogorovka, Hnutove and Lebedinsky. The defenders of the Gold and Hnutove were fired anti-tank missiles, while the defenders of the Crimean and Travneve – from arms of the infantry fighting vehicles.

In addition, the positions of the units of the joint forces near Novotoshkivske was fired from ZU-23-2. Strong point gnutoo fired at the enemy sniper.

According to intelligence reports, during the day six separatists were killed and ten wounded.

Since the beginning of the day, the enemy fired three positions of the combined forces on the Mariupol direction near the village of Hnutove and Shyrokyne from heavy machine guns and small arms. Heavy weapons were not applied. Losses among the Ukrainian defenders there.

We will remind, the previous day, the EP was recorded 39 attacks, one soldier was killed.

Earlier in the headquarters of environmental protection announced the promotion in a “grey zone”. APU fighters advanced to 1200 meters forward, cleared the approaches for its part, has exposed the secrets and barriers.

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