The de-occupation of the Donbass possible only after the return of border control, – Yury Bereza

Деоккупация Донбасса возможна только после возвращения контроля над границей, - Юрий Береза

The de-occupation of Donbass is possible only after the return of control over the border. This broadcast channel “112 Ukraine” said MP of the faction “popular front”, the Chairman of the Subcommittee on military security and defence of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on national security and defense Yuriy Bereza.

“Without control of Ukraine’s border with Russia, to talk about the restoration of the infrastructure, infusion of donor money or from the budget of Ukraine is not just irrational, it’s ridiculous… a government Meeting I see as good intentions (adoption of the strategy of de-occupation – ed.), no more,” said Birch.

According to the Deputy, to stop the war in the first place, can only the Armed forces of Ukraine.

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“To regain control of the occupied territory of Donbass politically impossible, this can only be done by force. Future Croatian development”, – said the MP.

“The Committee on national security and defense always takes part in the Donbass. All our development is focused on the control and return of the occupied territories. There are no other options without having to we control the border may need from the OSCE to monitor the border, but not those monkeys with grenades that allow humanitarian convoys”, – said Birch.

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Earlier today the Cabinet approved a strategy to restore peace in the occupied territories.

The plan consists of several components: infrastructure, social services, elimination of the caused harm to the environment, the economy and public safety.