The death of a child in Kiev: another scandal in the Church

Смерть ребенка в Запорожье: очередной церковный скандал

Because of the refusal of the priest of the Moscow Patriarchate to the funeral service of the deceased child brewing scandal in society.

Another scandal between Moscow and Kyiv Patriarchates of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church is brewing over the death of a child in Zaporozhye.

We will remind, drunk man who jumped out the window on December 31 in Zaporozhye, killed standing near the house of a little boy.

The organizers of the funeral of a child, invited the priest of the Moscow Patriarchate UOC. However, the clergyman to read the burial service of the deceased refused. The reason was that the child was baptized in the Church of the Kyiv Patriarchate and the UOC-MP does not recognize it.

A funeral was only after the UOC-KP.


As UOC Metropolitan MK and Luke explain the behavior of the priest

The father of the deceased two-year-old claims that Moscow Patriarchate, he was asked to leave the temple as soon as he learned that the child was baptized in UOC-KP.

The parents later explained that the UOC-MP does not recognize the Kyivan Patriarchate, so they have the child is unbaptized, respectively, to read the burial service.

Moreover, Yevgeny Molchanov priest who was asked to perform the rite, it emphasized that to pray for the deceased baby is not at home or in the Church.

“The death of any child is always hard. I’m sorry, I feel sorry for these people, but to transcend these moments I can’t. Child, inveterate in the Kyiv Patriarchate, remained unbaptized, and the Church of the Kyiv Patriarchate invalid and illegal,” said the priest.

The Holy father mentioned that he was mistreated by the father of the deceased. He allegedly pushed and then punched.

The story hit the media, and the journalists asked for comments to the head of the Metropolitan diocese of Zaporozhye and Melitopol Luka.

Смерть ребенка в Запорожье: очередной церковный скандал

Metropolitan Zaporizhia and Melitopol Luka (photo:

In response to the queries on the official website of the Zaporozhye diocese of the UOC-MP, it was reported, in which a Minister of the Church expressed condolences to the parents of the deceased baby, and then voiced his attitude.

“Again, these evil cartoonists draw, for the amusement of the demons, the image of “Moscow priest”. Such sydny, which cynically refused to bury a dead baby, “Torquemada”, put some “canons” above the tears of the mother. And the brighter the paint, the less I trust to such scribblers” – write on the website.

The actions of a priest who refused to bury the child, support.

“Do we have the right to pray for the repose of the unbelievers, the unbaptized or the non-Orthodox? The answer is also simple. We have no right to pray in the Church for those who did not abide in it. Church prayer is the prayer of the Church. And it’s not the brutality or callousness of the Orthodox, because the Church is based on love for God and people. The power of the priest and the power of his great prayer in the Church (Matt. 16, 19), but not unlimited. The priest has no right nor power to invade the field which belongs entirely to have the omniscience of God. Therefore, the posthumous fate of the deceased person should be granted the mercy of God. The Lord is righteous and impartial judge – will judge everyone according to his life”, – stated in the message.

At the end of the message its authors called “privately pray for the tragically deceased child”.


The reaction of the Kyivan Patriarchate, UOC

Actively commented on the incident, the Archbishop of Chernihiv and Unfeminine Eustratius Zorya, who is the Secretary of the Holy Synod of the UOC-KP.

On his page in Facebook the Archbishop wrote that “in fact in MP the refusal to hold a Church service the congregation KP – ordinary phenomenon.”

“But there is no official document in the MP that would oblige priests to do so,” he says.

In another post Eustratius Zorya posted the text of the Moscow Patriarch to the Requiem for Stalin with the caption “Pray for the dead two year-old boy to the Moscow Patriarchate by the canons are not told to because he incorrectly baptized. But for Stalin told to pray…”.


Blame ritual service?

Among other things, the Metropolitan Luke said to the priests, as parents, are not to blame for what happened. In his opinion, the responsibility lies with the funeral service, which was invited to perform the rite of the priest of that Church, which belonged to the deceased child.

In the ritual service reported that such a development was not ready because this incident happened the first time.

“In Kiev just two temples of the Kyiv Patriarchate. We are all baptized in the Moscow Patriarchate. Now we will clarify this point”, – promised the head of the Bureau of ritual Svetlana Shapoval.


Social networks are indignant

The situation is not indifferent Ukrainians. Users networks mostly reacted negatively to the situation. Many are very radical in relation to the MP and the Church in General.

Смерть ребенка в Запорожье: очередной церковный скандал

Смерть ребенка в Запорожье: очередной церковный скандал

Смерть ребенка в Запорожье: очередной церковный скандал

The reaction of Facebook users on the refusal to read the burial service of the deceased boy

Blogger Yuri Gudimenko even invented a kind of protest. The man is about to bring under the door of the nearest Church of the Moscow Patriarchate child’s toy to MP remember what made them the Church. The blogger is going to join other concerned.

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