The death of AquaWay: online broadcast from the scene of the murder

Смерть Окуевой: онлайн-трансляция с места убийства

Police at the murder scene Amines AquaWay

Car AquaWay the Amines and her husband, Adam Osmaev was shot near Kiev.

The murder of the Chechen volunteer Amines AquaWay near Kiev investigations are carried out, rescuers recovered the body of a murdered out car. This was reported on the portal page in Facebook.

According to media reports, the territory is fenced, on a scene there arrived the head of the national police Sergey Knyazev and operative group of the SBU.

Mosiychuk: Okueva was shot in the head

Recall the murder of the Amines AquaWay occurred on the evening of October 30 at a railway crossing near the village of glevakha, Kyiv region. The car, which was Okueva, was fired. Her husband, Adam Osmaev, was wounded.

The Murder Of The Amines AquaWay

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Mosiychuk: Okueva was shot in the head

Near Kiev, killed Amin Okueva