The defendant Babchenko said that work on the SBU

Фигурант дела Бабченко заявил, что работает на СБУ

The man, who introduced Vyacheslav Pivovarnya

A man recorded a video message which was presented by Vyacheslav Pivovarnya – involved in the “assassination” of a journalist.

In a network there was video on which the man who introduced Vyacheslav Pivovarnya – defendant in the case Babchenko said that he is the agent of the SBU.

videobrashchenie appeared on the channel Viacheslav Pivovarnik September 12. Published account — the first and only video on the channel.

In the video he says that on September 11 in the town of Chop on he made an attempt. According to him, was mined the entrance to the house, where his parents live and the explosive device still worked, but no one was hurt.

According to the man, he in 2010 was allegedly recruited by the SBU, and the murder attempt on journalist Babchenko “were part of a special operations Department”.

“I was recruited by Alexander Skipalsky, who was Chairman of the Main intelligence Directorate of the defense Ministry, and he was also the Deputy Chairman of SBU”, – he said.

“One of my tasks or goals were filled black cashier SBU. In this informal structure includes the higher ranks of the SBU,” – says the man.

He said that allegedly on the instructions of the SBU, he infiltrated in political and business circles of Russia, and also had the task to establish cooperation with local intelligence services.

“All the noise associated with lists of journalists, public figures – is not that other, as a special operation of the SBU, which, in the first place was started to attempt the elimination of the Russian opposition journalist-blogger to showcase Russian trace. And secondly, this was just intimidation and taking control of some journalists and public figures,” said the man.

“The first week my sponsor assured me that this is part of the new plan. But from trusted sources I got the information that in this respect, I am expendable,” says the man in the video.

He also said that Boris Hermann was forced to take a plea deal.

The man, who called himself Pivovarnya, said that the SBU might “attributed to him training many terrorist attacks in Ukraine, demonstrating the Russian track just because he worked for the SBU in the territory of the Russian Federation”.

“In case of threat to my life from the intelligence services or the lives of my loved ones, I will start to upload compromising their materials,” threatened the man.

As reports Gromadske, a former Lieutenant-General of the SBU Alexander Skipalsky said that he does not personally know of Pivovarnik and added that they could not recruit him in 2010, because 2008 is retired.

The SBU refused to comment on this video.

Eugene Solodko, the lawyer of Boris Herman said he did not know who it was, and Pivovarnik he had not seen.

As reported, Herman was sentenced to 4.5 years of imprisonment.

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