The defense Ministry introduced a new system of training military

Минобороны представило новую систему обучения военных

Soldiers are taught not to be lost in any situation

Presented a comprehensive training system BARS.

New army combat system of BARS was presented today in Kyiv, the press service of the defense Ministry.

According to defense officials, the LEOPARD is a comprehensive training system for tactical training, training in unarmed combat, tactical medicine, fire and mountain training of the personnel.

“Classes for the types of training are based on the concept, built on a common psychological basis, which allows to significantly increase the efficiency of military-professional activity of the personnel,” said Colonel George Gleb.

According to the military, the main purpose of BARS is to give soldiers special skills to effectively move around the battlefield, skillfully use weapons and martial arts techniques, to solve problems in extreme situations, to provide pre-medical aid to the wounded and the injured and to control any non-standard combat situation.

As reported Корреспондент.net, may 24, the defense Ministry showed a mass landing with the An-26.

The defense Ministry told about the new army