The defense Ministry is suspected of fraud with the helicopters

Минобороны подозревают в махинациях с вертолетами

The defense Ministry was accused of fiddling with helicopters

The state suffered damage amounting to about 12.7 million.

Officials from the Ministry of defence bought unusable helicopters, according to prosecutors.

It is noted that according to the state contract between Private joint-stock company and the Ministry of defense to the APU “purchased helicopters that were not suitable for use for military purposes and for its technical condition and equipment generally can not carry out tasks to destination”.

“While officials of military unit these helicopters taken into operation,” – said the GPU.

“The investigation found that these same helicopters have already been implemented by the Ministry of defence of Ukraine, this enterprise in 2010 as excess military property suitable for use,” – said the Prosecutor General.

In the GPU argue that the state suffered damage amounting to about 12.7 million, and military officials threatens from 5 till 7 years of imprisonment.

Also opened a criminal case under article “negligent attitude to military service”.

Earlier this month it was also reported that the defense Ministry had bought decommissioned from the army parachutes.

As earlier it was reported that the defense Ministry are being investigated for fraud with the sale of the tanks.