The defense Ministry of Ukraine told about details of detention of the Russian military in the Crimea adminpraise

В Минобороны Украины рассказали подробности задержания российских военных на админгранице с Крымом

The defense Ministry of Ukraine told about details of detention of the Russian military Maxim Odintsov and Alexander Baranov on adminpraise with the annexed Crimea. Review of the speaker of the MOU, Alexander Motuzyanik broadcast “112 Ukraine”.

The defense Ministry again stressed that the military themselves have crossed admingranitsu, and already when checking the documents revealed that they are Ukrainian deserters who defected to the armed forces during the annexation of the Peninsula.

While the defense Ministry did not elaborate on what KPVV detained them.

“Yesterday at one of the checkpoints of entry and exit on the border between the occupied Crimea and Kherson region, Ukrainian security forces had detained two people, who moved to the occupied territory. After checking it turned out that it was the former members of the Armed forces of Ukraine, who in the spring of 2014 gave the oath to the Ukrainian people and went to serve in the Russian army. We refute another Russian fake about the fact that it was the so-called diversionno-prospecting group which preys on the Russian occupation troops in Crimea. The detention occurred on the territory controlled by Ukraine, with strict compliance with the criminal law,” said Matusevich.

Meanwhile, the defense Ministry say that they are still unknown the reason why the Russian military crossed the border.

Earlier, a source in the headquarters of the black sea fleet of the Russian Federation confirmed that the Russian mass media that allegedly abducted by Russian military alone crossed admingranitsu annexed Crimea from Ukraine. The source publications claims that the security service to detain two Russian military adminpraise with the annexed Crimea, lured them to mainland Ukraine documents on education.

In the case of the black sea fleet saying that the detention occurred on the checkpoint “Dzhankoi” (from the annexed Peninsula) and not about “Chongar” (from the Ukraine), as stated in the SBU.

We will remind, in the Ministry of defence of Russia yesterday, November 21, accused the Ukrainian security forces in the alleged unlawful detention and removal from the Crimea two Russian soldiers. SBU allegedly brought from the Crimea on the territory of the Nikolaev area Lieutenant Odintsov Maxim E. and younger Sergeant of contract service of Alexander V. Baranov.

The Russian defense Ministry called it a “crude provocation” and demanded the immediate return of the military.

Also in Russia said they were against Baranova and Odintsova will try to fabricate criminal proceedings for alleged crimes against Ukraine.

In the SBU confirmed the detention, but noted that it was Ukrainian saboteurs, who joined the Russian army after the annexation of Crimea. Also in Kiev said that the Russian military alone crossed the border at the checkpoint “Chongar”.

SBU investigates criminal proceedings under article “desertion” and “treason” of the Criminal code of Ukraine.