The defense Ministry plans to equip in the Lviv region. military barracks, arriving for training

Минобороны планирует обустроить во Львовской обл. казармы для военных, прибывающих на обучение

In the Lviv region in the 184 th training center of the National Academy of land forces. Sahaidachny was held the presentation of the project to build barracks and housing, the implementation of which is planned to build barracks for the troops who arrive for training. About it reports a press-service of the Ministry of defence.

As noted by the Deputy head of the Center for work with staff Colonel Vladimir Bezborodov, the idea of restoring the barracks was born before the war.

“As soon as our centre began the training of military specialists in many specialities, immediately the question arose – where to place staff: teachers, trainers, staff and, of course, cadets? At first we rescued campgrounds, but eventually we realized that the training continued successfully, it is necessary to create adequate conditions for living. That is why earlier this year we set a goal – to move people to the barracks as soon as possible”, – he stressed.

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Also he told and showed reporters a building, which 10 years were on “conservation”.

“Here, completely replaced the roof, Windows, all communications, a major overhaul of all rooms inside, as well as restored facade. Provides facilities for commanders, preparation classes, sixteen rooms of personal hygiene, nearly three dozen of the crew’s quarters. In General, we have such a hope, and that is quite comfortably accommodate about 800 troops of the Center, which provide educational process,” – said the Colonel.

As specified in the defense Ministry, another option for solving the housing problem – sborno-panel Board barracks kubrikova type – presented yavarouskaya the chief kvartirno-operational part of the Theodore Sawicki.

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“It built its own forces in KECH and Center, we hired no contractors and did everything themselves. This approach allowed us to save almost 4 million UAH, and the cost of the building amounted to slightly more than 2.5 million UAH. I can confidently say that this is the first in 25 years barracks in the Armed forces of Ukraine, which was built at the expense of the defense Department. Until the end of the year we plan to start operation of another one of the barracks. If to speak about NATO standards, it is, I am sure, meets all the standards,” – said Sawicki.

As noted by the Center, in such buildings will accommodate troops of variable composition that will come to training.

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