The defense Ministry reported the first results of the operation at the crash site of Tu-154

Минобороны РФ отчиталось о первых итогах операции на месте крушения Ту-154

The Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation told about the first results of the search and rescue operation at the crash site of Tu-154, on Board of which was 92 people. So, a day after the crash, rescuers were able to locate 11 bodies, and 154 a fragment of the liner, according to “RIA Novosti” with reference to the country’s defense Ministry.

The Il-76 military transport aircraft will be delivered to Moscow ten bodies and 86 fragments.

The operation, according to the defense Ministry does not stop for a minute. However, the search is complicated by the “wide range of depths and topography of the bottom.” The number of rescuers reached 3.5 thousand people working in three shifts. The grouping of the operation is strengthened to 39 ships and seven deep-water submersibles.

Rescuers are searching the wreckage in a radius of about 10 kilometers. According to the Minister of transport of Russia Maxim Sokolov, the part of the wreckage may be in Abkhazia.

Sokolov said that the causes of the crash of the Tu-154 can be technical condition of the aircraft or pilot error. According to him, the version of terrorist attack on Board crashed in Sochi Tu-154 is not included in the priority.

We will note, earlier in the Russian defense Ministry said that the plane was technically serviceable.

Recall that the Tu-154 Russian defense Ministry, who flew after refueling from Sochi to Syrian Latakia, disappeared from radar screens around 5:00 (Kiev time) on December 25. In the crash of Tu-154 aircraft killed 84 passengers and 8 crew members.

On Board the ship were the artists of the Academic song and dance ensemble of the Alexandrov, journalists, 8 crew members and the military. All passengers of the plane died.