The defense Ministry will submit a new plan for the protection of Ukraine

Минобороны представит новый план по защите Украины

Zagorodnyuk told about the preparation of the plan of defense of Ukraine

The Agency promises to provide in the 2020 plan for the protection of Ukraine. The first groundwork of the plan, according to Zagorodnyuk will be this year.

The Ministry of defence intends next year to submit a plan of defense of Ukraine. This year, the defense Ministry promises to make the first achievements of the plan. This was stated by the Minister of defence Andrey Zagorodnyuk in an interview with Radio Liberty.

“The plan will be presented next year. But the draft plan, already the first results of this plan will have this year. This year our main goal is to make (it wouldn’t be finished) defensive examination and General analysis of the security context”, – said the head of the defense Ministry.

Zagorodnyuk recalled that the development of this plan requested the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky a few days after the appointment of the government.

“This is not a document that will be once released. It will be reviewed with the frequency, because the situation is dynamic. But in parallel will be developed the concept for each type of APU,” – said the Minister.

Zagorodnyuk previously reported that members of the armed forces do not plan to reduce. The main issue of reforming the army in the proper allocation of resources, the head of the defense Ministry.


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