The deficit of the consolidated budget of Ukraine for six months amounted to nearly 23 billion

Дефицит сводного госбюджета Украины за полгода составил почти 23 млрд гривен

The deficit of the consolidated state budget of Ukraine in January-July of 2016 totaled 22,884 billion UAH, the press service of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU).

Therefore, budget expenditures for the first six months amounted to 410,651 billion UAH, and the income – 389,066 billion.

The budget deficit was 49,945 billion HRSA January-July, while last year the figure was only 2.268 billion UAH.

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State budget expenditure YTD August 1 totaled 349,996 billion UAH, the income – 301,3 billion.

Recall, the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine forecasts that the draft state budget for 2017 will be submitted to Verkhovna Rada until September 15, 2016

As reported, on 13 July, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine introduced to the Verkhovna Rada a draft resolution “On main directions of budget policy for 2017” – the so-called budget resolution that envisages GDP growth at 3%, inflation of 8.1% and the hryvnia at the level of 27.2 UAH/USD. in 2017