The deputies allowed Paruby to sign the law on KSU

Депутаты разрешили Парубию подписать закон о КСУ

The abolition vote was supported by only 50 parliamentarians.

The Verkhovna Rada supported the resolution on the abolition of voting by the law on the constitutional court. The decision was supported by only 54 and 51 people’s deputies in the required 226 votes.

As noted by the authors of the regulations – non-faction deputies Yuri Levchenko and Yuriy Derevyanko – the law passed with “a flagrant violation of the rules”.

“Most the hands of ex-regionals pushed through a law that allows the Executive to usurp the constitutional court,” – said Levchenko.

Recall, 13 July, the Parliament adopted a new draft law on the constitutional court instead, which entered into force in 1996. The new document, in particular, provided the opportunity for ordinary Ukrainians to file a complaint to the constitutional court.