The deputies got into an altercation on the sidelines of Parliament

Депутаты поскандалили в кулуарах Рады

Oleksandra Kuzhel quarreling with Alexei Goncharenko

Oleksandra Kuzhel called Alexei Goncharenko “Yorkshire, dog little” and stated that she is excited when looking at it.

Between people’s deputies Alexey Goncharenko (PPO) and Alexandra Kuzhel (Batkivshchyna) there was a verbal altercation in the Parliament. A relevant video Wednesday, December 5, was published by the channel a Straight line.

Goncharenko commented to journalists the fact of bribery of voters in the town of Kiliya of Odessa region, where the court sentenced the woman to five and a half years of imprisonment. The MP noted that convicted bribed voters in the interests of the Fatherland.

In this time came and Kuzhel said that the court’s decision will still be appealed. She told the coach “not to yell ahead of time”.

“It is the judgment of the district, well, not play, not ernichat, you are young, Yorkshire, the dog is small”, – said Kuzhel.

It Goncharenko noticed that Kuzhel bulshe much noise.

“You measure the decibels, you are a lot more decibels is than me,” said Goncharenko.

It Kuzhel said that it is absolutely calm. “I can’t get excited looking at you,” she said.

“Thank God! Otherwise it would be very bad things,” retorted the coach.

Earlier, Oleksiy Goncharenko Oleksandr Vilkul made a skirmish live when discussing the murder of the activist Catherine Gandzyuk.


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