The Deputy head of the CEC Usenko-Chorna explained where I got the money for a flat cost of 3.2 million

Заместитель главы ЦИК Усенко-Черная объяснила, откуда взяла деньги на квартиру стоимостью в 3,2 млн гривен

Zhanna Usenko-Chornaja

Deputy Chairman of the Central election Commission (CEC) Zhanna Usenko-Chorna explained the source of funds for the purchase of apartments in Kiev $ 3.2 million UAH by the fact that her salary as a member of the CEC since 2004 has made more than 353 thousand dollars. About it reports a press-service of the CEC.

“To prevent the selective use of information on the revenues, Deputy Chairman of the Commission, limiting the request period, given the artificially organized public interest regarding the sources declared the purchase of 2-room apartments with an area 69,4 sq. m, Usenko-Black noted that in the course of execution of powers of CEC member it is with 2004, excluding accrued payments, taxes etc, and 2016 received wages…”, – stated in the message, followed by the size of the salary for each year in UAH and USD equivalent.

In 2004-2005, almost 207 331 hryvnia (more than 40 thousand dollars) in 2006 – just over 232 990 UAH (over 46 thousand dollars) in 2007 – slightly more than 204 379 hryvnia (more than 40 thousand dollars), in 2008 more than 222 907 hryvnias (more than 42 thousand dollars), in 2009 – slightly more than 201 797 hryvnia (more than 25 thousand dollars).

In 2010 her salary was more than 244 277 UAH (more than 30 thousand dollars) in 2011 – more than 230 678 hryvnias (more than 28 thousand dollars), in 2012 over 233 454 hryvnia (more than 29 thousand dollars), in 2013 more than 240 547 UAH (more than 30 thousand dollars) in 2014 – more than 234 468 UAH (more than 19 thousand dollars), in 2015 – over 217 723 hryvnia (more than 9 thousand dollars).

In the current year up to December the salary Usenko-Black has made 143,5 399 UAH, equivalent to more than 15 thousand dollars.

Accordingly, since 2004 the dollar equivalent of her salary as a member of the CEC was more than 353 thousand dollars.

Note, the size of your paycheck Usenko-Black has revealed after receiving a CEC request for copies of the returns for the 2010-2012 year after the publication in the Unified state register of declarations of persons authorized to perform state functions or local self-government information on the purchase of 1 Dec the rights to the apartment in Kiev area 69,4 sq. m for 3.2 million.