The Deputy of Italy requires from Kyiv compensation for the sanctions of the Russian Federation

Депутат из Италии требует от Киева компенсации за санкции РФ

Stefano Valdegamberi

One of the deputies, who visited the Crimea, made a loud statement.

Anti-Russian sanctions caused great harm to the Italian region of Veneto, because it’s time to think about the recovery from the damage of Ukraine, said the Deputy of the regional Parliament Stefano Valambiri. He said this during his visit to the Crimea.

“I think that soon will have to request from Ukraine compensation for the damage inflicted on us anti-Russian sanctions,” – said Valambiri, adding that found this information to be a joke.

He noted that the damage from sanctions, caused by only one of the Veneto region, is estimated at €1 billion According to Valambiri, sanctions have no meaning, but so far efforts to terminate them without success.

The Deputy of the national Parliament of Italy Tancredi Turco added that, despite the fact that a number of regional parliaments of Italy adopted a resolution on the recognition of Russian Crimea, and the sanctions, in the national Parliament of the country, this question has not yet found the support of the majority of deputies. At the same time, he noted that in the Italian Parliament from the Russian Crimea has a lot of supporters.

We will remind, the delegation of deputies of Italy arrived in the Crimea on 14 October.

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