The Deputy of the Kiev regional Council Sobolev said that he was threatened by the MP Linko.

Accused of collaborating with the militants “DPR” Deputy of the Kyiv regional Council Vyacheslav Sobolev has said about threats to your address. This is reported by “Ukrainian news”.

As writes the edition, on the page in “Facebook” Sobolev accused of MP Dmitry Linko and supposedly under his control battalion “Holy Mary” in the execution of the criminal plan in relation to Sobolev and his family.

The MP stressed that he wrote the relevant statements to law enforcement.

As reported by the media, the MP Linko charges Sobolev has not commented.

Also “Ukrainian news” reported that earlier the well-known journalist Denis Kazansky declared that Vyacheslav Sobolev – founder of a network of supermarkets “Glutton”, working on the territory of “DNR”, goes to the polls from BPP.

According to the journalist referenced in the media, “Glutton” has avoided the fate of other supermarket chains, such as “ATB”, “Auchan”, “Metro”, “Leleka”, “Epicentre” in Donetsk and Luhansk, which was seized by militants. “The glutton” was able to negotiate with the militants, and the stores were handing out leaflets with propaganda for separatism, and at the entrance hung flags “DNR”.

According to Kazan, a native of Yenakiyevo Sobolev in 1997, has opened in Donetsk the first “Glutton”. In 2005 he was appointed Deputy mayor of Donetsk Alexander Lukyanchenko. In 2011, according to Kazan, Sobolev married the former wife of the Russian singer Nikolai Baskov Svetlana Spiegel, whose father was an influential Russian pharmaceutical magnate and former Senator.

According to the newspaper, Sobolev was then called the information about. He commented that he is married to another woman and stated that the dissemination of false information against him is a party, “DILL”.