The Deputy of “United Russia”: Ronaldo gay, I demand his expulsion from the country

Депутат "Единой России": Роналду – гей, я требую его выдворения из страны

Deputy from United Russia and a Twitter star Ernest Makarenko gave his professional assessment of the Confederations Cup.

After yesterday’s defeat of the Russian team and, as a consequence of departure from home of the tournament, member of “United Russia” Ernest Makarenko saw throughout the incident the political track:

“I think that the judging is always highly politicized and unfriendly to Russia.

The stronger and more independent we act in politics in recent years, the harder we pressed in all areas, including sports. Simply destroyed. This is pure politics. I haven’t watched all the previous matches of the national team, but what I saw – a strong result of pressure on Russia.

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What I see out of this situation? Why us allies, which more than half of the world, not to create its powerful network of sports leagues? With China, other Eastern and southern countries”.

In General, the publication of Ernest has repeatedly caused a furore in the media. Here is a selection of “fresh”:

After the defeat from Mexico:

Andrey Arshavin was a great player, he has achieved a lot as a player and should we ask him to lead the team!

— Ernest Makarenko (@ErnestMakarenko) 24 Jun 2017

After the defeat from Portugal:

Ronaldo, to my knowledge, gay. I demand his expulsion from Russia and disqualification for the remainder of the tournament!

— Ernest Makarenko (@ErnestMakarenko) 21 Jun 2017

Now if we don’t beat Mexico with the score, personally I don’t accept apologies from our team. Not one step back!

— Ernest Makarenko (@ErnestMakarenko) 21 Jun 2017

After the victory over New Zealand:

And what a beautiful goal was scored by Smolov, and in General he had a match of the year. Striker the level of praise of Ibrahimovic. It is clear to all.

— Ernest Makarenko (@ErnestMakarenko) 17 Jun 2017

The match against Portugal is not so much fear. Yes, Messi is the size, but Ronaldo is a product of PR rather.

— Ernest Makarenko (@ErnestMakarenko) 17 Jun 2017

My prediction: Portugal win 2:0 and will reach the semifinals. I’m never wrong!

— Ernest Makarenko (@ErnestMakarenko) 17 Jun 2017

Finally, it should again be recalled that Ernest – member of “United Russia” and the head of the municipal district of Novo-Peredelkino (district of Moscow).

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