The details of the attack on the journalist Cocabo

Появились подробности нападения на журналиста Коцабу

Ruslan Cocabo was attacked at the metro station Poznyaki in Kiev.

On Saturday evening, July 1, at the metro station Poznyaki in Kiev there was an attack on the journalist Ruslan Cocabo. He cut my lip. The attackers managed to escape. This is the kotsaba reported to Facebook and posted a video. He noted that he had identified the attackers and called them “Nazis with a C14” (youth organization of Ukrainian nationalists – ed.).

According to him, they were present at court hearings in his case.

“I was coming home on the metro station Poznyaki came up to me two, both a little taller than I, began to provoke the conflict. One with the words “what, separable doing in my hometown?” began to push me away. I say, well guys, go on. The second tried to punch me, I managed to Dodge (…) Cut my lip. People passed by. Drove the next train, got out and pushed me from the attackers,” – said kotsaba.

According to the journalist, in the end all three of the attackers jumped in came the train. One COP tried to grab one of them by the hand, but he pushed him away and young people moved away.

The video shows that the journalist called the “separ beast” and saying he would rot in prison.

“I constantly feel under surveillance. I have nightmares that I left. Direct text say that or go and tell it yourself from abroad according to the scenario of Sharia, or we’ll here’s the scenario Olesya (Elder – ed.) will do,” the journalist told news.

According to him, the hearing strongly boost, but positive changes in his favor yet. “So they decided to do a fever to me there as soon as possible to hide,” explained kotsaba.

Recall that in early June, 2017 the Supreme special court of Ukraine returned the case Kotsaba for a new trial.

Kotsaba called on Ukrainians not to go to war and for this was sentenced by the Ivano-Frankivsk court. But then the court of appeal overturned the verdict, kotsaba left to chance.