The detainees authorities found weapons and drugs

У задержанных авторитетов нашли оружие и наркотики

At the funeral of “kingpin” in Svyatogorsk was supposed to arrive more than 300 criminal authorities.

At the funeral of “kingpin” “Lehi Krasnodonskoye” (Alexey Salnikov) in Svyatogorsk Donetsk region had come more than 300 criminal authorities. The detainees 106 of them seized weapons and drugs, reported the regional police Department.

It is reported that law enforcement authorities have organized a thorough inspection of persons and transport at the entrance to the resort area.

The first tuple of the criminal world was stopped the evening of August 27. During the inspection of the car “thieves in law” were seized a shotgun, ammunition, bits. 40 people were taken to the Slavic Department of police for identification and verification against databases of wanted.

“Today at one of the restaurants Svyatogorsk was arrested the other representatives of the underworld – 70 people, earlier repeatedly convicted for violent and property crimes. Now, the proceed it is investigative-prompt actions. Several people detected in possession of drugs”, – explained in the police.

Security officials said that of the expected 300 influencers in the Donetsk region arrived only half.

“Among those present already identified some well-known thieves, current and former “looking” from the occupied cities. The police work out their relationship with illegal armed groups and possible ways of cooperation with terrorists”, – added in Department.

Earlier in the SBU said about the detention of 106 “thieves in law” who came to the funeral who died of an overdose on August 25 “Lehi Krasnodon.”