The developed method for cancer therapy using DNA

Разработана методика для терапии рака с помощью ДНК

In several cases, the therapy on mice was able to achieve a partial result, and complete cure of leukemia.

A group of scientists from Canada have found that non-coding part of human genome, the so-called “junk” DNA, can be used for cancer immunotherapy. The technique they published in the journal Science Translational Medicine.

They found in non-coding DNA special markers that allow finding peptide-antigens necessary for training the immune system to fight the tumor.

Scientists have identified antigens from the affected leukemia cells and then treated them with a special compound and forced to work for the destruction of diseased cells.

Immunologists have noted that in several cases therapy in mice have been achieved as a partial result and complete cure even these types of cancer like leukemia.

It is noted that the immune system is able to cope with malignant cells. However, sometimes she can ignore them and then the body begins to develop a tumor.

The purpose of this new technique lies in the training of the immunity by using the peptides so that he would not miss even these “invisible” cancer cells.

Earlier, scientists have found, who are increasingly living with cancer: “owls” or “larks”. In addition, scientists have learned to predict the appearance of cancer.

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