The diplomat tried to take in Hungary, almost 60 thousand packs of cigarettes

Дипломат пытался вывезти в Венгрию почти 60 тысяч пачек сигарет

The guards confiscated the Ukrainian almost 60 thousand packs of cigarettes at the border with Hungary

The man tried to take cigarettes with Ukrainian excise stamps for a total amount of 620 thousand.

At the checkpoint “Luzhanka” on the border with Hungary stopped trying to move across the state border almost 60 thousand packs of cigarettes, reports the GU SFS in Transcarpathian region.

As reported yesterday, may 21, for the implementation of customs control of a citizen of Ukraine has granted a diplomatic passport, certificate on vehicle registration and a letter from one of the embassies of Ukraine about the fact that the car carried diplomatic cargo which is not subject to control.

“Through the tinted Windows customs officers are unable to visually inspect the goods without opening the car. Therefore, in the presence of employees of USBU in the Zakarpatye area the citizen has offered to provide the opportunity to carry out a visual inspection of his car “VW Transporter”. But the driver said that the vehicle is a diplomatic cargo and without the permission and presence of the representative of the foreign Ministry refuses to grant access”, – told in the SFS.

Further, during the inspection of the car found that the cabin and constructive cavities of the right and left walls of the body of the car are 56 thousand 890 packs of cigarettes of domestic production with excise stamps of Ukraine.

Thus, the Ukrainian tried to smuggle cigarettes for a total amount of 620 thousand UAH 911.
The Protocol on violation of customs regulations, cigarettes and vehicle, a total value of 84 881 thousand hryvnias is withdrawn. From questioning the citizen refused.

Photo: GFS

Informed the Transcarpathian border guards detained two Ukrainians who were trying to smuggle across the border two thousand packs of cheap cigarettes.

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