The Director of “Synergy” denied fakes distributed on the company

Директор "Синергии" опроверг фейки, распространяемые о компании

Director of construction group “synergy” Overko Igor recorded a video message about the proliferation of fakes in the media.

The appeal posted on the group page in Facebook.

It is noted that on 31 August 2019 was launched a massive information attack against construction group synergy and, in particular, the LCD “synergy city.” Overko in the official video refutes key fakie planned contract concerning:

– The closure of the project “synergy city” in connection with illegality of the construction and seizure of land.

– The illegality and demolition of “Synergy”;

– Nationalization of the property of “Synergy” on account of repayment of tax debts and mutual contributions;

– Raider attacks on SG “synergy” Armen Soghomonyan, under the guise of the post of adviser to the interior Minister.

Also in the video Overko in the name of “Synergy” refers to journalists with an appeal not to publish inaccurate and unverified information.