The disease is not a death sentence

Болезнь - не приговор

The story of your mother the patient would like to start with the fact that the age of 2 years, her son started having health problems.

Who knows what could have happened, if not timely treatment to the specialists of the Turkish hospital Acibadem.

The woman talks about the treatment of her son at the clinic, aesthetic medicine. She does this because the parents knew where to turn for effective help.

The first was a bladder infection...

To two years the son was a perfectly healthy boy.

Болезнь - не приговор



The reason for treatment to the infectious diseases hospital of steel suddenly appeared diarrhea and vomiting. There was diagnosed with Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Over the course of the resuscitation, and then again the infectious diseases Department. The analyses showed the presence of a child dysbiosis, Staphylococcus aureus, and two types of infection.

After 3 months, my son was allowed to visit the garden. But said the backlog was appointed to take the drugs.

Recovery has not come – had to go to the hospital. Were set various diagnoses, including celiac disease. But confident was not diagnosed. And we were sent to the regional clinical hospital.

Болезнь - не приговор



Neuroblastoma: believe it or thoroughly check everything?

The diagnosis of “intestinal obstruction” required immediate surgical intervention. When preparing for surgery, you should undergo EGD and ultrasound. The doctor noticed a rather large tumor. With the help of MRI has determined that this is most likely a neuroblastoma.

From chemotherapy refused. Decided to consult with the city physicians.

Not confirmed biopsy diagnosis of neuroblastoma, the doctor was surprised. Said only after biopsy or surgery, it is safe to say that this tumor is malignant, and CT and MRI for the approval of the diagnosis is not enough.

Began to study the information and found out that the network of clinics of aesthetic medicine are qualified professors who studied in Europe and the United States. And the heart tells us that the son will help. The preliminary diagnosis Idzhi Ayan delivered promptly, declared the birthday boy – the tumor is most likely benign.

Says a specialist in pediatric Oncology, Professor of idzhi Ayan

About 25 years engaged in treatment of children with cancer. In the clinic, aesthetic medicine, for diagnosis and treatment using the latest medical advances in the field of Oncology. Fundamental science,moleculargenetic is all that guided physicians in the diagnosis and subsequent treatment. Everything is done to ensure that the patient recovered and feel comfortable. Think Acibadem ideal for the treatment of patients with Oncology and pathology.

Болезнь - не приговор



Two year old boy came to us in the direction of the international Department of patient care. The patient was admitted with a suspected tumor, complained of bloating.

The results of the survey showed developmental delays, difficulty breathing. Ultrasound and MRI helped to identify the location of the tumor in the right kidney and the adrenal gland.

Pediatric surgery deals with the treatment of tumors located in the chest, abdominal cavity, kidney, genitourinary system.

The baby was a tumor in the right kidney near the adrenal gland. Due to this arrangement it was initially envisaged that this neuroblastoma with a size of about 5 cm In the operation found that this ganglion neuronal tumor neuroblastoma group of diseases, which refers to benign tumors type Neirolepticeski.

The operation was successful

It was not a simple tumor adjacent to blood vessels, this finding complicated the operation, was of particular risk. But won surgeons without damaging any organ, the tumor was completely removed. After a course of rehabilitation and the child was discharged, his health does not cause more fear.

Болезнь - не приговор



Finishing the story the boy’s mother once again recalls attentive, caring medical staff of the clinic. The health, strength, grateful patients.

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