The dissolution of the CEC questioned the results of the elections as the head of the Commission

Роспуск ЦИК ставит под сомнение результаты выборов - глава Комиссии

The head of the CEC Tatyana Slipachuk

The head of the CEC said that the dissolution of the Commission may question the legitimacy of the last election.

The head of the Central electoral Commission Tatyana Slipachuk considers the recommendation of the President to terminate the powers of members of the CEC political. She declared after the decision of the relevant Committee of the Parliament, who on Wednesday, September 11th, recommended to the Parliament to terminate the powers of all members of the Commission, reports LB.

“I think this is essentially a political decision,” said Slipachuk.

In her opinion, the decision on the dissolution of the Commission could call into question the legitimacy of the last election campaigns.

“The dismissal of all members of the CEC must have a very serious motives. If the whole Committee resigns, then she did something that undermines the foundations of the Constitution, state structure, legality and legitimacy of the electoral process,” said Slipachuk.

The CEC added that the Commission will do everything to prove the groundlessness of the reasoning part of the presentation of President Vladimir Zelensky. At the same time, if the Parliament will dismiss members of the CEC, to go to court it does not intend.

We will remind, today the parliamentary Committee on government organization, local government, regional development and town planning encouraged the Parliament to terminate the powers of all members of the CEC. The Parliament may consider the issue on Thursday, September 12.

The official reason for the dissolution of the CEC in the Servant of the people called the inaction of the Commission on elections, “illegal cancellation of registration of candidates of the party and the delay in establishing the election results in certain constituencies.

According to the law on the Central election Commission, the powers of the entire CEC membership can be terminated by Parliament at the reasoned proposal of the President of Ukraine. The decision of the Rada, according to the law, should take not less than two-thirds of its constitutional composition.

Recall the current composition of the CEC was appointed by Parliament on 20 September last year.

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